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Mindwalk Studios-a Keywords studio
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MindwalkStudios (http://www.mindwalkstudios.com) is a Beijing based, digital art and animation studio formed in 2004.The company provides content production services to clients within the videogames industry. The company has employees from all over the world and ismanaged by two Canadians. Recently, Mindwalk Studios was acquired by KeywordsInternational (http://www.keywordsstudios.com), a company with over 2000employees in over 15 countries. It has a strong market position, providingservices to 21 of the top 25 most prominent games companies. Keywords is listedon AIM, the London Stock Exchange regulated market (KWS.L).Mindwalk Studios is an elite partner for digital art andanimation production for the games industry. With over a decade in business,the studio engages with the gaming industry's top-tier developers on a variedrange of beloved global properties delivering on all major platforms.A pioneer in integrated development, Mindwalk has amassedvast expertise in creating assets with our clients’ technology and workflow.The studio distinguishes itself with "high touch" services based on alean and agile organization that allows senior management to be more directlyinvolved in serving clients' needs. Above-the-norm intensity of communication,transparency, and personalized service are our watchwords.In addition to providing the utmost in customer care andproduction quality, a key differentiator is Mindwalk’s ability to deliverassets in-game whether it be on “off the shelf” or proprietary engines.  The company’s personnel have a proven abilityto integrate a client’s proprietary engine or extensions into Mindwalk’s localinfrastructure in an efficient, yet secure fashion.

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Mindwalk Studios-a Keywords studio