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DiningCity.com is an online restaurant guide targeting the best restaurants in the cities it is represented in Best restaurants meaning restaurants with a unique selling point and restaurants where people can have a unique dining experience.The carefully selected restaurants present themselves with beautiful photos and up-to-date menus on the website. Besides obtaining general, valuable and objective information about the listed restaurants, website visitors can see a unique 360 degree virtual tour of the restaurant online and even book a restaurant table online.Restaurants can maintain their own restaurant profile 24 hours a day to increase bookings and attract guests to their venue.The significant difference and clearly distinguishing character of DiningCity.com (compared to other restaurant sites) is its visual strong and attractive presentation of the restaurant, combined with the many interactive possibilities the internet offers. DiningCity.com is a franchise organization and was founded 15 years ago in The Netherlands. Currently the company is located in 35 cities worldwide; Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Dubai, Singapore etc.Worldwide DiningCity.com has around 600,000 unique web visitors per month on average.DiningCity.com China is owned by the China based WOFE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) Schreurs & Bierman.Currently DiningCity.com China is based in Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. DiningCity.com Hong Kong is owned by Schreurs & Bierman Ltd. in Hong Kong.Want to know more about us please visit our website:http://www.diningcity.cn/ and www.restaurantweek.cn