Education Management

Company Size 51 - 150

LeapLearner is a cutting-edge education platform that aims to cultivate self-learning and 21st-century skills among students worldwide and prepare them for the world of tomorrow. The curriculum is designed for children ages 6-18, and uses the feedback-loop and problem-solving nature of coding in order to develop self-learning abilities. Using a highly engaging, interactive platform, LeapLearner teaches children how to hack video games, and moves into simple natural language coding before transitioning into Java script. Ultimately, students are taught to build and share their own video games with others. The code kids learn through the platform is the basis for communication with both humans and robots and will be critical for those who wish to design the future and serve as leaders in our global society. <br>Becoming a LeapLearner means staying competitive in an automated, robot-dominated world. The company's founders believe that traditional education systems and academics are failing to equip students with the skills to thrive in our new technology-based realities, and that the LeapLearner platform can provide a solution to this problem. As production and repetition-based jobs become obsolete, LeapLearner users will be able to self-learn new skills and problem-solve through uncharted territory in order to succeed.