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4DAGE Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in January 2017 by the Senior Research Fellow of Germany and French artificial Intelligent Laboratories, which focuses on three-dimensional digital reconstruction, digital virtual exhibition and service. The company has made great progress in the field of digital 3D reconstruction, and realized full-automatic 3D digitization for small objects without manual intervention. The international initiative micro-3D digitizing scanning technology has leading position in software algorithms. The accuracy of automated modeling builds could be micron level and improves on efficiency than traditional 3D modeling by 200x, but the price of hardware for data collection is only 1/20 of the industry scanner. This technology is widely used in the digital protection of cultural heritage, industrial manufacturing, etc., in the future will be in accurate medical treatment, 3D automated detection. This Technology has a variety of output way of 3D data, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, etc.

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