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Studio Education
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Our weekend school was started by an Oxford educated British schoolteacher who has lived in Shanghai since 2008. He started teaching privately at the weekends in 2013, teaching in small groups in privately rented classrooms. He was joined by three partners in the summer of 2014. There are currently more than 50 teachers and staff and the school has a presence in Australia, China, the UK, and the USA. The school does not advertise and is majority owned by partners, most of who teach part-time and full-time. The school has grown almost entirely by word of mouth – the students' parents like our work because our teachers not only care about the progress of the children in their classes but because progress has been reliably consistent. 

We educate students to become kindhearted and open-minded human beings of integrity, tolerance, and self-discipline who are committed to independent thinking, creative expression and a life lived for the common good. The heart and soul of Studio Education is a combined partnership with families and community to provide purposeful, rigorous education that balances intellectual and creative development with moral integrity. At Studio Education, all students sit at round tables, in small groups of nine students or fewer, where each student’s face can be seen, where each student's voice can be heard, and where every student can think critically, inquire, discuss, imagine, solve problems, and create.

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