Can you use WeChat to find a job?

Post Date: 29 Nov 2018

Can you use WeChat to find a job?

As you probably know, WeChat is far more than a basic communication platform. It can be used to make payments, play games, buy food and much more.

One major aspect of WeChat is its chat groups, where communities and groups of people can come together based on a common interest, such as a simple friends circle, a work group, hobby enthusiasts or information seekers.

This article will look into the latter example – information seekers – in particular, job seekers.

Most people in the modern world are accustomed to using some form of online technology to find what they want. Job-hunting is no exception. But what’s the best way to do this?

Here are some points to consider if you want to use WeChat groups for job hunting:

Look out for fake or untrustworthy job posts

A big problem in jobs groups is that some advertisements are false or have an ulterior motive. A common sense approach is needed. If a job offers something too great, or it takes the opposite approach and offers almost nothing, with a promise of big earnings or commission later, then you would be best to think twice about getting involved. Ideally, try to figure out which job posts are from reputable sources.

Stay up to date on employment trends in your industry

Every sector has different ways of doing things. At any given time, there are numerous factors influencing employment and recruitment trends. If you know what’s going on in your industry, you’ll be better prepared and know what to look for in job groups.

Potential employers in the group can see everything

Your presence and activity in jobs groups will form a first impression that employers could use to judge you. Some people have a habit of talking or arguing about unrelated topics online. Try to avoid doing this in job groups! Your online activity is the same as real life; people and employers will form an impression about who you are.

Join our WeChat Job Groups in China

To make job hunting more convenient for you, we’ve set up several of our own WeChat Job Groups. There are currently over 50 in total, each categorized by city and industry, where you can connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers. Each group averages 350 members (and growing!), with regular job posts. Furthermore, as a reputable entity in the world of jobs, we do our best to ensure that every job listing and opportunity we post is trustworthy.

Simply scan the QR code below and type the name of the city in China you wish to join (requires a WeChat account).

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As long as you keep in mind the advice outlined in this article, WeChat groups are a great way to stay informed on the latest jobs and recruitment opportunities in your area. Get involved today!

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