The top 10 countries where Chinese students study abroad


The Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) reported that there were 545,500 Chinese students studying abroad in 2016, an increase of 36.26 percent compared with the data in 2012.

But where do those students study? What are the top destinations? A report from Knight Frank has examined where Chinese students most often went to study in 2015.

We’ve listed the top 10 countries here:

10. New Zealand: 13,952 students

University of Auckland, Auckland Wikipedia / CC 3.0

9. Germany: 19,441 students

Humboldt University, Berlin S-F/Shutterstock

8. France: 25,388 students

University of Paris, Paris Peter Haas, Wikipedia

7. Hong Kong: 25,800 students

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST/CC 3.0

6. Republic of Korea: 38,109 students

Yonsei University, Seoul Wikipedia / CC 3.0

5. Canada: 42,011 students

University of Toronto, Toronto Jphillips23/Wikipedia

4. United Kingdom: 86,204 students

Cambridge University, Cambridge Wikipedia/Andrew Dunn

3. Japan: 89,788 students

University of Tokyo, Tokyo IchiroHayano/Wikipedia

2. Australia: 90,245 students

Australia National University, CanberraAngelo Tsirekas/Wikipedia

1. United States: 260,914 students

Harvard University, Massachusetts USAAP/Steven Senne